Better Packaging Better Solution

Sunrise Packaging promise our customers to bring the most advanced and cost effective packaging solution to keep them always ahead of others.

Creativity, Driven and Competitiveness are the three theme principles that circles the daily operation of Sunrise USA. Working like a triangle, they complete our business culture at Sunrise USA.


Either R&D, sales or customer service, creativity is exactly the reason that put Sunrise USA ahead of our competitors. As one of many entrepreneurs in the packaging business, creativity enable Sunrise USA to stand out from the crowd. The continuous pursuit of creativity enabled us to discover new production methods, more advanced technology and more efficient service.


Driven is all about motivation: challenge new markets, embrace taller orders, overcome the “impossible”. Grown from small workshops to one of the major players in this field, such dramatic progress can be largely contributed to our dedication to a driven spirit. Driven gave Sunrise team the devotion to prolonged growth, bringing new customers as well as providing better products.


Competitiveness is another principle that set Sunrise USA apart from our competitors over the last few years of rapid development. It is crucial for Sunrise to stand out in such a niche market, so does every one of us in our team. Competition gave us the incentive to pursuit a better future both for individual team members as well as Sunrise USA. Only do we manage to compete each other for more demanding orders that Sunrise USA would have the competitiveness within the packaging field.