SunLid™ Coextruded and Laminated Lidding Films for Tray, Thermoforming and Flowpack Application

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Sunrise’s Sunlid is the trade name for our lidding film series. Sunlid is designed to be used as a top film in both rigid tray and flexible thermoforming package applications. In this series, Sunlid has too basic structures:

  • Multi-layer, co-extruded film
  • Adhesive laminated film

Our Sunlid series offers a high barrier version and a medium barrier version film, depending on the specific application requirement. Sunlid film is designed to have an excellent heat sealing property that can be sealed to different substrates, such as PE, PP, PS and PVC. Peelable sealant film is also an option for this series and is available in a variety of widths and gauges.

Sunlid™ High barrier lidding
Material: EVOH as the barrier layer
Advantages: VOH barrier layer • High barrier performance.

Sunlid™ Middle barrier lidding
Structure: PA/PE BOPA/PE PA as the barrier layer
Material: PA barrier layer, medium barrier performance;
Advantages: PA surface layer, good temperature resistance.

Sunlid™ Non-barrier lidding
Structure: BOPP/PE Non-barrier, breathable
Material: Excellent forming performance;
Advantages: Breathable film for packing fresh meat.

Sunlid™ Retort lidding
Structure: BOPA/RCPP
Material: Retort lidding
Advantages: Retort under 121

Sunlid™ Functional lidding
Structure: Special design
Material: Special design
Advantages: Functional design, such as anti-fog, easy-peel and so forth.